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Our mission is to educate policy makers, the media, businesses, and the general public about why electricity is imperative for prosperity, and about the optimal solutions to preserve and expand our electricity network.




Why Vermont Yankee Matters to Vermont
Guy Page, Communications Director, Vermont Energy Partnership 

“Perhaps most important to Vermont’s future, Vermont Yankee is the site of a $1.2 billion dollar project — the actual decommissioning of the plant, some decades hence — that will infuse cash into the local and state economy and deliver a restored site with significant, unique industrial development opportunities. In short, Vermont Yankee still offers tremendous value to 21st century Vermont…

On Groundwater, Vermont Yankee Takes the High Road
Guy Page, Communications Director, Vermont Energy Partnership

“It rains in Vermont. It rains a lot. And rain contributes to groundwater. Everywhere else in Vermont, groundwater moves subsurface into nearby rivers or lakes, usually with little or no treatment.

“But Vermont Yankee is not “everywhere else.” After examining groundwater that had intruded into the lower basements of the facility, Vermont Yankee determined that it contained traces of tritium. Even though the extremely low radiation level of this tritiated groundwater is approved by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission to be discharged into public waters, Vermont Yankee made the decision to ship this water to Tennessee for processing…

Why Vermont Yankee matters to Vermont
Guy Page, Communications Director, Vermont Energy Partnership 

“Less than five years ago, three-quarters of all electricity produced in Vermont came from Vermont Yankee. But of course, that’s all water over the dam now. The plant is closed, and Vermont and the rest of New England must muddle along without Vermont Yankee’s low-carbon, low-cost power. However, even a closed Vermont Yankee still has much to offer…

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