The Vermont Energy Partnership is a diverse group of business, labor, and community leaders committed to finding clean, low-cost and reliable electricity solutions to ensure Vermont stays a great place to live and work.

Our mission is to educate policy makers, the media, businesses, and the general public about why electricity is imperative for prosperity, and about the optimal solutions to preserve and expand our electricity network.




Guiding Principles

A brief explanation of the four key areas the Partnership focuses on to ensure Vermont’s electricity challenges are met

Mission Statement

The Vermont Energy Partnership is working to
make sure that Vermont remains a great place to live and to
work. We are comprised of a diverse group of business, labor,
and community leaders.

Our mission is in our name: we advocate
collaboratively for sensible solutions that ensure Vermont has
safe, reliable, affordable, and clean energy, drawn from diverse
sources and competitively priced, now and in the future. These
solutions include all methods of clean electric generation. We
support market based and cost efficient energy generation;
demand-side energy conservation management; as well as highly
reliable generation, transmission and distribution infrastructure.

By taking steps today, and planning for the many
challenges on the horizon, we can ensure that businesses expand
in Vermont, and that other companies choose to locate here
because they have the ability to compete in global markets. This
will result in a vital economy that will help foster the
development of good-paying jobs for our citizens and our
children so they can choose to stay in Vermont as well. Planning
for affordable, reliable energy will also protect senior
citizens and others who are on fixed incomes, helping to ensure
that they will be able to pay their heating and lighting bills.

If we fail to plan wisely, the consequences could be severe. To the
extent that Vermont becomes even more dependent on unreliable,
high-emissions and high-cost power, Vermonters and Vermont
businesses will suffer.

The Vermont Energy Partnership supports a broad,
constructive dialogue across many sectors and the many
communities within the state to establish a better process that
will make prudent use of existing power generating assets, and
appropriately add to them going into the future. A short term
and long term plan and roadmap must be developed to ensure
that high reliability is maintained, environmental concerns are
addressed, energy rates are competitive with national average
electric rates, and a comprehensive electric supply portfolio is
established for the long-term vitality of Vermonters and the
state’s economy.

The Vermont Energy Partnership supports
supplementing Vermont’s current base-load power with cost
competitive renewable and traditional electric generation
sources, so the state can support a balanced energy portfolio.
The Vermont Energy Partnership also supports the continued
operation of existing low-carbon, baseload sources of electricity,
notably the Hydro Quebec dams in Canada and New England’s
remaining nuclear power plants.

We also support the addition of other clean,
reliable, and cost competitive sources of energy to Vermont’s
energy portfolio, including wind, hydro, methane, and others.
The Vermont value of local control must be applied to energy siting,
when not conflicting with federal law. As energy demand is
projected to rise in the state at a level of at least one percent
annually, it is imperative to conserve wisely and find additional
reliable, affordable, and cost competitive clean energy sources,
while preserving the clean and proven sources that we have.

The Vermont Energy Partnership is working to ensure a bright
energy future for Vermonters.


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