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“Residential standards” for nuclear plant decommissioning make little sense
Guy Page, Communications Director, Vermont Energy Partnership

“If some in agencies of the Scott Administration pursue their  dream to restore the Vermont Yankee site to “residential standards” (Oct. 18, “Changes could endanger Vermont Yankee sale”), they will be responsible for a deal-killer that makes little sense from the standpoint of past agreements and likely future use…”

Avoid Unneeded Delay
Guy Page, Communications Director, Vermont Energy Partnership

“NorthStar’s Vermont Yankee decommissioning plan merits rigorous state and federal review of the applicant’s plan, financing and technical expertise. Depositions, motions, responses and judgments on these subjects are flying thick and fast in Vermont Public Utility Commission Docket 8880. It’s no wonder the PUC has pushed back the next public hearing from this fall to January 2018…”



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