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Guiding Principles and Policies

Guiding Principles for Meeting the Green Mountain State’s Electricity Challenges

The Vermont Energy Partnership is a diverse group of more than 90 business, labor, and community organizations and independent energy experts working to ensure that Vermont has reliable, affordable, and clean electricity. It is imperative to address Vermont’s tremendous electricity challenges today so that the state remains a great place to live and work.

Guided by the principles of clean, safe, affordable, reliable power for Vermont, the Vermont Energy Partnership is committed to promoting and advocating these energy policies:

  • Securing our baseload power supply.
    Consistently generated, 24/7 baseload power, specifically currently generated New England regional nuclear, hydro and fossil fuel power plants and HydroQuébec, is the foundation for the state’s electricity portfolio. These sources, consistent with their reliability, cost, safety and environmental impact, should continue to play an important role in the future in order to keep electricity affordable for large and small consumers.
  • Developing instate renewable energy projects.
    Renewable energy projects such as wind, solar, and hydro power can help to address the state’s growing needs. New, competitively-priced, locally-permitted projects should be developed instate, so that renewable energy sources can diversify and supplement Vermont’s portfolio and ensure the preservation of the state’s environmental heritage.
  • Promoting greater energy efficiency.
    Energy efficiency programs provide substantial and tangible ways for many businesses and consumers to significantly cut electricity usage and costs. Such programs are an important component for addressing electricity supply challenges and staving off steady increases in demand each year.
  • Transmission reliability and stability.
    While Vermont must maintain and increase its supply of electricity, it must also have a quality transmission network so that it distributes the electricity most efficiently.
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