Studies and Issue Briefs

Progress Report: Implementing the Vermont Yankee-State of Vermont Settlement

5 Reasons Why the Vermont Public Service Board Should Approve the Certificate of Public Good for Vermont Yankee

The Three-Legged Race: Vermont’s Pursuit of 90% Renewables by 2050

Vermont Electricity at a Glance

Vermont’s Electricity Outlook: Today through 2016

A letter from Commissioner Miller to Brad Ferland, President of Vermont Energy Partnership

Vermont Department of Public Service on the Vermont Yankee License Renewal

Renewable Energy Sources in Vermont: A Status Report  

An Independent Study of Vermont Yankee’s Economic & Environmental Benefits

Wind Power in Vermont

A Resource Guide to In-State Hydropower Production

ISO New England – Controlling Electricity Costs

Vermont’s Electric Transmission System: What You Need to Know

Wind Power in Vermont: A Primer

New Tax Credits Help Energy Conscious Homeowners

Vermont’s Energy Future: The Hydro-Quebec Factor

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