Important Energy Links

VY Decommissioning Website

Vermont Public Service Department

United States Department of Energy

Vermont Public Service Board

Efficiency Vermont

NorthStar Group Services Project Time Lapse (video)

Studies and Issue Briefs

Progress Report: Implementing the Vermont Yankee-State of Vermont Settlement

5 Reasons Why the Vermont Public Service Board Should Approve the Certificate of Public Good for Vermont Yankee

The Three-Legged Race: Vermont’s Pursuit of 90% Renewables by 2050

Vermont Electricity at a Glance

Vermont’s Electricity Outlook: Today through 2016

A letter from Commissioner Miller to Brad Ferland, President of Vermont Energy Partnership

Vermont Department of Public Service on the Vermont Yankee License Renewal

Renewable Energy Sources in Vermont: A Status Report  

An Independent Study of Vermont Yankee’s Economic & Environmental Benefits

Wind Power in Vermont

A Resource Guide to In-State Hydropower Production

ISO New England – Controlling Electricity Costs

Vermont’s Electric Transmission System: What You Need to Know

Wind Power in Vermont: A Primer

New Tax Credits Help Energy Conscious Homeowners

Vermont’s Energy Future: The Hydro-Quebec Factor

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